Limited Edition Votives


Handcrafted with Palm Done Right wax, scented with 100% essential oils and an organic cotton wick.  One sparkling mercury votive glass will be included for you to burn your candles in.  We always recommend burning these votives in a fire safe container.

We are excited to offer two different blends. 

The first is a blend of litsea, palmarosa and ylang, to help you attain a sense of softness and peace.

The second is a blend of lavender and orange, one of our favorite scent combos.

Ingredients: Organic Palm Wax,  All-Natural Beeswax, Litsea Essential Oil, Palmarosa Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil,  Organic Cotton Wick

Ingredients: Organic Palm Wax,  All-Natural Beeswax,  Lavender Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil,  Organic Cotton Wick

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