Since our inception in 1992, we've been committed to bringing light into the world... because everything looks better in candlelight!

Original Way Out Wax candles were a tie-dyed expression of the colorful Grateful Dead culture.  Our kaleidoscope candles were brilliantly colored, psychedelically influenced and artistically crafted...and definitely Way Out. 

Within a few years of mastering the craft, it became apparent to us that traditional candle ingredients were not aligning with our environmental convictions and we decided to break rank with the mainstream candle supply chain. 

Instead of aniline (coal-based) dyes and petrochemical fragrances, we opted for natural vegetable waxes and aromas derived solely from plants.  We've been on a journey to create the world's purest and most true to nature candles for over twenty years now and we're more inspired than ever to continue innovating and honoring the plants. 

We're so happy to be on this aromatherapeutic adventure with you!